FAFSA 2024更新

Due to nationwide delays in the FAFSA process, all new and returning students will receive their financial aid awards later than usual this year. FAFSA 2024常见问题

Loyola has extended the enrollment deposit deadline for incoming first-year students to June 1, 2024. 阅读全文


Art thrives and opportunity abounds

新奥尔良 is like no other city in the world. ​

It’s where jazz was born and lives on. Where dining out is a religious experience. Where dressing in costume requires no reason at all. And with its buzzing tech and art scenes, 新奥尔良 is a place to make your mark.

Student with camera on Canal St.

An environment bursting with inspiration ​​

At a time in your life when you’re discovering your talents, 磨练你的技能, 塑造你的未来, there’s no better place to be than 新奥尔良. The city not only complements your educational experience, but its creative and ebullient spirit significantly enhance it. 

Students by Steamboat Natchez on Mississippi River

Let our students be your guide

From food to sports to music to tech, 新奥尔良 has a lot to offer. Hear from the students themselves about their favorite ways to experience the city. We encourage you to learn more about the compelling, symbiotic relationship between the community and our students by diving deeper into our student 城市指南.


  • 治疗1,000 dental patients: Transform Mardi Gras World (a giant storage facility for parade floats) into a pop-up dental clinic.
  • Extend the food supply: Plant fruit trees at the Acorn Farm in an urban food desert.
  • Reduce recidivism: Help nonprofit The First 72+ build a database that assesses the needs of former inmates moving back into society.


A Loyola education will change the way you live—and our city and campus play a big role in that. The best way to understand is to tour our facilities, 认识在校生, 参加课程, and sit down with counselors, 教授, 或者教练.